Mermaid Hair Spray Recipe

Mermaid Hair Jordan Voth Photography TMinspired*Photo by the incredible Jordan Voth. This is from the day after session following my wedding day. 

I believe that most of us dream of having really long and luscious mermaid hair, and it’s really easier said than done. I do have long and thick hair and if I put some effort into it, it can look really pretty and mermaid like! Most of the time though, (okay – pretty much every single day) I have it in a top knot bun. I really do want to start taking more care of my hair though. Something that I’ve been loving to use is called a Mermaid Hair spray, and it’s super easy to make! All you need are some essential oils and witch hazel and you’re good to go. I have a DIY recipe for you below!

Mermaid hair TMinspired

What you’ll need:
A 2oz glass spray bottle
15 drops of Lavender essential oil
15 drops of Cedarwood essential oil
15 drops of Rosemary essential oil
Alcohol-free witch hazel (to the top)

Drop in all of your oils and mix in the witch hazel into your spray bottle. (You’ll want the alcohol-free witch hazel, because it won’t be as drying to your hair + scalp.)

You can get a 4oz bottle too, just double the recipe!

How to use:
Shake well to mix in the essential oils with your carrier oil
Spray at the roots of your hair and massage in
You can spray some on the ends and throughout, as well

When to use:
Literally anytime you want. I prefer to use it after I get out of the shower or right before bed.