Work Hustle | Diffuser Blend

Work Hustle Diffuser Blend

Catching up on a boatload of editing and emails today, followed by a list of errands I’ll need to tackle today, too. Sometimes it can feel really hard to feel motivated or keeping up the pace, and I really need an energizing boost to keep me going. My recent order of oils couldn’t have come at a better time! I finally got my hands on grapefruit and I’m stoked!

This is my work hustle diffuser blend: I put 2 drops of lemon, 2 drops of grapefruit and 1 drop of peppermint into my diffuser. I make stronger blends when I’m further away, but I go with a lighter hand when the diffuser is as close as it is to me right now.

Ready to knock out my to-do list. Who is with me?? 💪🏻