Finding Peace In The Chaos

Finding peace in the chaos TMinspired essential oils taylor ochoa young living 1

Oils for me have always been a mind, body and soul experience. The couple of weeks following our wedding, I focused on using oils to help me and my husband.

Here’s why:

After our wedding and mini-moon, we arrived home to a lot of sewer damage in the place we’re renting. We camped on our living room floor for the weekend until the repairs began. Once they did, we were told we couldn’t stay there until the repairs were finished, as the damage had been worse than they expected. So, we were displaced from our home into a hotel. It was so hard for us to really feel settled, especially when our first time living together is in a hotel room and not in our own home.

Absorbed by stress and unanswered questions and feeling simply exhausted, I realized that there has to be a better way. I realized that I couldn’t work harder – I had to work smarter – in order to help us, not only in that moment, but also if that situation ever happened again.

We needed to experience freedom, as all we felt was stuck. We were in a spot where it felt like everyone got to make decisions FOR US instead of us making our own decisions and deciding what is best. It was such a scary place to be in and we had enough.

I became an essential oil distributor with Young Living on October 18th – just 11 days after our wedding. Now, being a few months in, I’m already experiencing hope. I’m already experiencing freedom. The business side of YL has helped, yes, but mentally, these oils have been my staple in our lives.

Using essential oils for emotional support

Here are three oils I want to highlight today, based on what we used in this period of our lives:

Lavender: Helped us experience a more peaceful rest at night, as I put a few drops into our diffuser before we go to bed.

Peppermint: When you’re exhausted and so stressed, you’re more vulnerable to feeling under the weather. This chaos was happening at a time that the flu season was just getting started, so we wanted to protect our health and wellness. With that, I made a roller of peppermint so we can breathe in the healing properties of peppermint throughout the day.

Marjoram: To help my sore and tense muscles, this especially helps after a photo gig or a shift at Starbucks. My usual go to is Deep Relief or Panaway, but Marjoram is also sooo good. Especially good in roller blends! Read more on Marjoram here.

Take a deep breath, friends. Trials will eventually end. Hope is around the corner. Just take it one day at a time. You’ve got this.