Essential Oils + Pets


A common question is if you can use essential oils on your pets. The first thing I say is yes, but that it’s really important to remember that some oils that are great for humans are not great for pets. Some pets prefer topical application while others do well with diffusion, and some respond best with ingestion. No matter what method you use, please ALWAYS refer to a reference guide and do your research.

We don’t want to overwhelm our pets with a ton of different oils at once. A pet’s sense of smell is far better than ours! So it’s best to start out with 1-2 drops of oil mixed with a carrier oil (I prefer coconut oil) and gradually add more over time if you feel it’s needed.

Top 9 tips when using essential oils for your pets:
1. Dilute your EOs with a carrier oil. (For smaller animals like cats and small dogs, use 3-5 drops and dilute 80-90% prior to application. Example: For every 1 drop of oil, use 4-5 drops of a carrier oil.)
2. Animals are all unique and may respond to oils differently.
3. Animals are more sensitive than humans, so start small and use common sense.
4. Keep oils out of eyes, nose, and ear canals.
5. Citrus oils are ok, just use them cautiously and pay attention to how your pet reacts to them.
6. Start slowly and build up. Known as “Low and Slow”.
7. Don’t rush your pet through the process or push them to let you apply.
8. Introduce oils thoughtfully. I like to introduce them by having them smell the oil on my hand or wrist before anything else.
9. To keep your animal safe, please always do your research!

Here are some oils you can start with: Stress Away is good for emotional support, I like to diffuse it around my pup when she’s feeling nervous. Ginger vitality can be added to food or water for digestive support. When they have an upset tummy, rub diluted DiGize oil on it. Purification oil can eliminate odors. (You can create a linen spray with purification + lemon to freshen up that smelly couch or dog bed!)

Did you know that Young Living also makes an entire line of animal oils and products? Here are a few favorites:


–  T-Away can help your animal move past emotional blocks that may have come from different types of abuse or fears
– Paragize supports proper digestion
– Infect Away is good for their immune support
– PuriClean is a wound cleaner and aids in the healing process
– Dental Pet Chews with no artificial colors or flavors
– Animal Scents Shampoo because it’s simply amazing